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>> Friday, January 26, 2007

Can blogging suck you in or what?

Now that I'm taking a little break after revisions so consuming the thought of even looking at a red pen makes me shudder, I have a lot more time to get out on the internet and check out the blogs.

OMG. Every writer has a blog. Many have two blogs (as I do), or more!

I could spend all day reading and responding to blogs. The sense of community within the realm of romance writers is phenomenal. Everyone sharing their tips, tricks, struggles, successes. What a fantastic setting to gain inspiration and support!!

Unfortunately, I dont' have all day to surf. And I don't know anyone else who does either.

So, tell me, what blogs do you visit and why? How do you choose what blogs you respond to, how often you post on your own blog, and what are you trying to achieve with your blog?

Tess Gerritsen recently posted on her blog that she finds it cathartic. Which I totally understand, and one of the reasons I started my personal blog back up.

I stopped my personal blog about a year ago when we started Romance Worth Killing For. I couldn't see writing two blogs. I mean, I need time to write novels, oh, and feed my children. They get grouchy. Jeez. But now, I find that I have more to say on both personal and professional levels. RWKF is my professional, writing craft blog. My personal blog is more eclectic, containing more intimate thoughts on writing and the writing life and life in general.

Because I have to limit my surfing time, I have several blogs I frequent, which are linked --> that way **nodding to the right** on the side bar.

Share some special blogs you think we need to know about, ones that are worth giving up our valuable free time to visit.


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