>> Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm finally done.

Hiding In Plain Sight has been polished, formatted and emailed to my agent, Nahvae.

Last week, I finished MAJOR revisions to Safe In Enemy Arms and sent the printed ms to her in New York.

**Pause** **Crickets chirping** **Frogs blurping**

Now what?

Yeah, that's about as long a break as I can manage. Although I'm not entirely sure where I'm going next. I think I'm headed toward finishing Dead Man's Hand. But it needs some heavy plotting refinement before I pick up at chapter 20 and finish it. And to get the plot right, I'm going to have to do some research.

So, while I'm reading books, searching the internet, watching documentaries on the subject of gambling, I'm going to focus a little closer to home and take care of a lot of things I've been neglecting here in favor of getting revisions out, like...laundry. And grocery shopping. And cooking. And cleaning.

Yep. Guess I've got enough to keep me busy for a while. But don't worry. Just because I'm not actively writing doesn't mean I'll be talking about diswasher detergent and the lastest sale on pork round. Come back and visit--I've always got something writing related on my mind.

What do you do between projects?


Theresa 9:22 PM  


I always have the best intentions of getting to my house work between projects, but somehow that just never happens.


I tend to do a lot of tv, and movies and reading instead. And playing on the net. But that doesn't count since I do that all the time anyway.

Hey, Cool, COOL blog.

Very slick and professional looking.


Elisabeth Naughton 11:43 AM  

I read. A lot. It helps stimulate new ideas and gets my creative juices pumping.

Congrats on polishing up HIPS. Can't wait to hear what you'll be working on next!

And I second what Theresa said...beeeeautiful blog. Really classy.

Joan Swan 1:09 PM  

Hey T & E,

Thanks for coming by. And thanks for the comments on the blog.

I've been messing with it and messing with it to customize it a little. The darn header won't appear in the middle of the color strip, and I'd rather use an image for the header.

I've spent hours and hours searching for a template that will fit with my website, as I want the theme for my personal blog and the site to match -- RWKF is something different -- but heck, I hate those things.

CSS isn't my thing. Give me straight HTML anyday!!

Edie 8:23 PM  

I agree with Theresa and Eli. Your blog looks great! Love your titles too.

I clean my office between books. Right now I have huge piles all over my office. I have a gift certificate for a massage, and as soon as I finish my 2nd draft, I'm calling for an appointment.

Joan Swan 2:32 PM  


Take me! Take me!!

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