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>> Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I haven't posted because I'm busy getting ready for tomorrow -- Valentine's Day over at Romance Worth Killing For.

A very fun contest is being offered -- just comment any time this week at RWKF and you'll be entered to win: 1) A Sharon Sala trilogy, 2) Snowman earrings-the glass beads handmade by me (here's a pic of the little devils: But instead of a red and white scarf they have periwinkle and purple match #3) a hand-knitted fluffy purple scarf.

And I'm a tad behind on that purple scarf because I had a little issue with the yarn I was using. Long story short, I had to ditch that scarf (almost half done) and get new yarn and start over. So, I'd better knit fast, because I wanted to have a pic of the earrings and scarf to put up on RWKF with my post tomorrow--Little Known Facts About Love.

Also, this is your last chance to get your name in for the CHOCOLATE drawing. Check out my post on RWKF here for your chance to get a chocolaty treat in the mail this week.

I've never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day -- always felt like it was a day made up by Hallmark to sell cards and gifts and candy. Actually, I still think it is. But as a romance author, it's only right to celebrate a day dedicated to love in style!

So, make sure you join us over at RWKF this week!


Elisabeth Naughton 8:44 AM  

Me too. I'd prefer to get little reminders I'm loved during the year rather than on one marked day.

I told DH not to get me anything for V'day. I got the kids a few small things, only because the school makes a big deal out of it and they've been looking forward to today (and parties!) for the last week. One of DH's sales products is Rosiglitazone (Avandia - Type II diabetic drug) and he's getting roses for a few of his accounts and having them delivered today. (last year he did chocolate roses, this year it's real one). After he told me that I said, "Forget what I said before! If you're getting roses for other women, you can sure as heck get some for me!" LOL. Which means, crap, I'm gonna have to go get him at least a card.

Joan Swan 12:48 PM  

LOL - heck yeah!

I don't care for spending a hundred dollars on roses at Valentine's Day (because they jack the price up this time of year). I'd rather go out to a fabulous dinner.

But if his clients are getting them...his wife sure as heck should.


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