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>> Monday, February 05, 2007

I just realized that I've signed up for three online classes this month. I did that frequently last year, but promised myself I wouldn't do that again.

How did this happen?

Poor planning, as usual, I suppose.

I've got:

Practical Chemistry: Poison, Procedure and Worst-case Scenarios via KOD's Murder One.
I was thinking this would come in handy in revisions to Tangled Webs which has a villain with Munchausen by Proxy.

When Everyone Stares: Presenting with Pizzazz via KOD's Killer Instincts.
I was looking ahead for this one, anticipating the promotional arena I may (will) find myself in one day. And it could never hurt to have more confidence speaking to groups, right?

Sex Between the Pages: Understanding and Writing Sexual Tension via Carolina Romance Writers.
IMO, sexual tension is right up there with conflict -- can never have too much. But keeping it up (pun intended) isn't my specialty, so I'm ready for some advice. And I've taken a class with Mary Buckham before -- great teacher.

I may bring you a tidbit of wisdom or two from these classes this month, so stay tuned.

And wish me luck.

What are you doing this month to advance your writing?


spyscribbler 4:34 PM  

Just reading and writing. There's a great workshop I want to take next month, though!

Have fun with those; I'm jealous!

spyscribbler 4:35 PM  

Oopsy, I just remembered! I'm taking Feng Shui for Writers this month. Gosh. I need a brain pill. :-)

Joan Swan 9:35 PM  

Oooo, Feng Shui for writers. I'd love to hear about that. Make sure to let me know what you think!

Edie 6:05 PM  

Now I feel like a slug. There was one class I wanted to take (can't remember which one), but I decided against it. I plan to finish my wip in March, and don't want anything to slow me down.

I know I could archive the lessons, but I'd probably end up participating.

Joan Swan 8:34 PM  

LOL, Edie, I usually start by participating and then wane because I'm too busy. :-(

But the wip is important...when you're on a roll, you're on a roll. Get it done while you can! :-)

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