>> Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm a bit cranky.

Seems my writing has been shoved down on my priority list for the last 6 weeks.

March my husband was gone all but 4 or 5 days, and I was swamped with everything life throws at you on a daily basis. April has been filled with good things -- but stressful non-the-less. Trips, events, visitors. And now I'm so behind in everyday life (laundry, shopping, cleaning, bills, errands, gardening--not to mention that dreaded day job), that I still can't just dive right back into writing.

I've discovered over the last week or so, the inability to devote an hour or two of my day (minimum) to my stories, my characters, my writing over the last couple months has really gnawed at my patience level. I'm antsy to get back to it.

I've heard many other writers talk about how they get tweaked when they don't write. Are you that way? What happens to you when you don't write? How long does it take before you hit that irritation level?


spyscribbler 8:49 PM  

About two, three days. I was trying to cut down from six days a week to four days a week, but it's not working.

Gosh, there's some days I get itchy after ten hours! After a week or so, I start getting terrified I won't remember how.

Elisa 7:00 AM  

If I'm writing regularly, I get antsy every day I'm not putting in some time in front of the computer, but if I take a few days off, it sometimes takes me days to get back into the swing of things. I'm finding that I work best on a binge/purge type of schedule--3 weeks of seriously heavy, obsessive writing followed by a week or two of downtime to recharge. When I'm working like this, I get the most done.

Joan Swan 10:12 AM  

Ooooo, man, Spy, that's rough! But I guess the flip side is that you're uber-productive!! :-)

Joan Swan 10:14 AM  

E- That binge purge schedule is interesting. That works for me only in between wips -- I can only seem to take a couple weeks off and actually enjoy them when I've finished a wip and am gearing up for another.

I love the way we're all so quirky and individual!!!

Edie 1:48 PM  

I get antsy after a few days off. Sometimes less. Right now my characters are giving me trouble, so I'm doing other things until I can figure out the right way to go. I want to write, but they won't let me!

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