>> Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I haven't posted in a while because I don't have much to post about. And every time I start to consider drumming up topics, I wonder what the whole purpose of that would be, other than to keep a stream of blogging going.

Blogging is a lot like selling on eBay--to do well (i.e., get faithful buyers/readers) you have to be consistently "on". It's an interesting phenomenon.

Hey -- I've got a question for you.

I've been toying with the idea of posting one of my earliest stories to my website -- maybe one chapter per month? One scene per week? I'm not sure. But I think it would be fun for me to play with the story again (it's one I like and one I think will eventually sell, which major overhauls), it would be productive and it might be fun for others to read.

What would the downside of posting that to my website be? I suppose someone could steal it and claim it as their own -- but honestly, anyone who would do that would have to go under my Believe It Or Not column of stupid criminals. I'd like to see someone get that puppy published -- really. But maybe there is a bigger, badder downside that I'm not seeing -- or maybe the one I'm seeing is bigger and badder than I'm giving it credit for being.

What do you think?


Linda Winfree 6:23 PM  

I love online reads, and I've heard that having a free read is a great promotional tools. I even have one of sorts going on the Hearts of the South blog, but the story I'm posting there is not one I have intentions of trying to sell.

So I'm not very helpful, am I?

Elisabeth Naughton 8:13 PM  

Hm. Have you talked to your agent about the idea? I remember reading somewhere about editors not liking to buy things that have been previously published on the web. Though I could be wrong.

And yes, ms "copying" does very much exist, so be careful.

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