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>> Monday, June 04, 2007

Today's crime: Stupidity.


Woman turns self in for bank robbery, asks for reward
By Agent McKay

Courtesy of WWAY Channel 3

ONSLOW COUNTY -- A bizarre request Monday morning at the Onslow County Sheriff's Office.

Lolita Bullock turned herself in for robbing the Bank of America in Jacksonville on May 4. But she also wanted to cash in on a reward being offered in the case.

Lolita brought a friend with her to the Sheriff's office to claim the reward money.

It will be up to Crime Stoppers to decide if her friend deserves the reward.


Elisabeth Naughton 6:03 PM  

OMG. Okay, that's beats the guy in Oregon who robbed a convenience store with after work while still wearing his mechanics shirt complete with name on the pocket.

Some people...

Edie 9:05 AM  

ROFL What a great way to make money. Commit crimes and then turn yourself in. I bet she'll get free medical too.

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