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>> Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm going to have to find another place to write in the morning.

As most of you know, I typically go to McDonald's to write after I've dropped the girls at school. There are two McDonalds' near my house, the one I've gone to for the five years I've been writing, the one that houses the other regulars who have become like my second-family-slash-fan-club and the new one that's closer and much quieter.

Today I went to the original and one of the regulars started talking to me. And kept talking, and talking, and talking. He's a great guy. And I love people. Love to hear their tales and mine their personality quirks for use in future characters...but, dammit, I've got to get some stuff done!

He talked for forty minutes!

Another regular popped in and piggybacked onto the first regular's conversation and kept me distracted for another fifteen minutes. No sooner had he left than one of the gals who works there whom I absolutely adore came over to chat.

An hour later, I had nothing done. Nothing. Not even a paragraph of my morning pages (that's from The Artist's Way in case you're wondering).

In college I used to have a friend who had this strange ability to draw people to her. They would talk and talk and before you knew it, you knew more about this stranger than your own mother. I was always jealous of that. I wanted to be that kind of person.

Well, guess what...???

It's nice to be loved. It's nice to have others feel comfortable enough to confide and discuss and bitch and dream with you.

I just wish it didn't conflict with my writing time. :-#

Despite the distractions, I managed to hammer out 2218 words today. Imagine what I could get done if I made the newer McDonald's my new home. Only then...I might be lonely. :-D

Are you one of those people who gets their ear bent by strangers?


Elisabeth Naughton 8:13 AM  

Awesome job on the work count, J! You're cruisin'!

Yes, I end to be one of those people who - strangly - people tell their life story to. It happens a lot, though I have no idea why. Either I have sucker on my forehead, or I have a friendly face????? (Ha! I doubt the last one.)

You need a good quiet pub where no-one knows your name. :)

Elisabeth Naughton 8:13 AM  

Oh, I forgot. :) I posted my word count for yesterday on my blog.

spyscribbler 6:17 PM  

Not really. Unless I'm "on," I think I'm pretty shy and unapproachable by strangers. I don't mean to be. But the key is to avoid people's eyes.

But ... the regulars? They miss you! We've had high turn-over at the Borders where I write. I miss them! It's amazing how those people you see every day, no matter if you don't become "friends" per se, become a part of your life that you miss, when they're gone.

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