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>> Friday, August 31, 2007

Okay. I eeked them out...all 1092 of them.

Man, today was painful. But I'm done.

Jeez...what day is this? Only day 4?????

God help me.


Elisabeth Naughton 12:09 PM  

Do not say just day four, you silly girl. ;)

You made the 1000 words. That's what matters. And don't you feel good about that?

At 9:15 when you posted on my blog I hadn't even started writing. By 10:30 after researching for a while, I realized I STILL hadn't started writing. Figured there was no way I'd get it in. At the 600 mark I was ready to quit, but I forced myself to keep going and then I got into it and forgot about time. Ended up with 1795 words when the DH came downstairs at 1AM and asked me what the heck I was doing. LOL

spyscribbler 9:31 PM  

Congratulations! Writing is like a muscle. If you keep going, 1,000 a day will be a breeze after awhile, I promise. It takes a week or two of struggling to make it, sometimes falling short and sometimes flowing gloriously over, before it kicks in as easy. When I need to write fast, I have to build myself up to it.


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