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>> Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things are a bit slow. Typically, right after I send a Q or partial out, I get answers within a few days -- either Rs (majority) or, "Would like to see more."

Now, 3-4 weeks after sending the initial Qs and a few follow-up partials, I'm...yep, you got it...waiting.

It's been vewy, vewy quiet.


Edie 6:19 AM  

Joan, this all sounds promising! It's great that you have 3 partial requests and 1 full request. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

Anonymous,  3:55 PM  

I think its the time of year, Joan.

I've heard that things slow to a snail's pace this time of year. It gets even worse after Thanksgiving. . .

I'm keeping my fingers cross for you, though.

Anonymous,  3:56 PM  


The anonymous commentor was me.


Who still can't get google/blogger to do shit for her . . .

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