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>> Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I received a fabulous offer of representation from an awesome agent! I'm really excited. But I still have two full manuscripts out with agents I really want to talk to, so I've got to cross some T's and dot some I's before I accept. But it should be final by the end of the week. Very exciting!!

Last night I dreamt about my plot, only *I* was the one in the middle of the conspiracy, not my characters. I don't remember the details, only the sense of feeling totally out of control, at the mercy of others who only wanted to hurt me. I remember the sense that whoever was behind the conspiracy was all-powerful and anything I tried or thought to try were futile. A very vulnerable, powerless sensation.

Then I woke up and it's all good. Fodder for the work, right?


Trish 2:50 PM  

Whoo-Hoo!! Whoot!!

Congratulations Joan, that's great news. Can you say yet who it is you've signed with?

I hope who ever it is, they turn around and sell the crap out of you.

Trish 2:51 PM  

Oh, yeah-- LOL...I should explain that Trish is Theresa MOnsey, I've started posting on the net with the name I plan to use once I'm published.

Joan Swan 7:23 AM  

Thanks Trish/Theresa! Glad you gave me your name, I'm thinking...Trish...Trish...Trish..??

I signed with Paige Wheeler. Very excited to see how this next year goes.

What's new with you?

Trish 5:35 AM  

Oh same ol', same ol',

I'm working on a new project, while submitting the old to agents.
Have a full and some partials out, but haven't heard back yet.

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