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>> Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So,I mentioned on facebook that someone broke into my car while I was on vacation and stole my laptop. And I'm terrible about backing up my work. Like--terrible. Like--I never do it. Like--never.

Well, I paid for it. Lost everything. Everything from 7 years of writing.

On the plus side, I had just sent three manuscripts into the Golden Heart contest and emailed the coordinator to ask if I could get copies of the manuscript files back. (Still waiting on that response). I had also just aquired an agent and the previous day had sent another manuscript to her via email, so she had two of my manuscripts. All in all, I saved the best 5 of my 9.

Anyway...what I did lose that really hurts is the first 6 chapters of my new WIP, the second book in the Rising Phoenix series, Luke and Keira's book.

I know exactly what I wrote. KNow the plot steps I went through. Even jotted them all down in case I forget further down the line. Only, now, as I'm's all so different. Same plot, same characters, same writer, same story vision, but it's just coming out...different.

And I'm finding it amazing how that can happen.


Trish 5:43 AM  

Oh man,

That would give me nightmares. I'm glad you managed to save those last five anyway.

On having to rewrite those last chapers.

I've thrown the entire beginning of a book away before because I just wasn't happy with it. And I've always found the difference was in the tone. Like maybe my mood during the writing would affect how it sounded. But rewriting from memory, even if you follow the same steps always seems to sound different.

Not better or worse, just different.

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