Re-entering the writing realm

>> Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Actually, more the social aspect of the writing realm.

It's that time. I have a fantastic agent, have written, revised and polished (and soon to have re-revised) a fast-paced romance suspense with an overarching plot for a series and a light paranormal element. And I'm about smack mid-way in the first draft of book two in that series.

So, I have to uncloister myself and get back out there, start talking to other writers again. I'm an introvert by nature, so I need to be prodded out into the light. And, after a little shell shocked week or two, I'm loving it.

I've started getting back onto the boards I used to frequent -- great knowledge out there. I've joined the Golden Heart boards and found great camaraderie among a very talented group of writers. I'm on Twitter, which I used to hate and now love. And I've created a facebook for my writing related topics so I don't bore my non-writing family and friends to death.

Didn't realize how much I missed the company of other writers! (E, I'm sure you are proud of me...or maybe relieved you can stop bugging me about it.)

So, visit if you like: Twitter... @ultraswan and facebook... Would love to chat (even if you're a non-writer) :-).


Elisabeth Naughton 5:47 PM  

OMG. I almost don't recognize you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What have you done with my CP?

I think I need wine to celebrate your re-emergence into the world of writers.

Go, you. ;)

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