Short Week

>> Thursday, April 08, 2010

I feel like I've accomplished very little this week. Came home late from work, hence losing 1/2 a day of my weekend. On top of that, the dog ran away--a very emotional and time consuming event (we found him, by the way), doctor's appointments and kid stuff kept me running, running, running. Since I'm editing, my wordcount doesn't look so great, although I'm still putting in the hours.

But I finally hit the mark today. I had chapter 12 finished, but decided to change the character point of view and rewrote the whole thing. It's not done yet, but I'm done for the night.

Over 2000 words today. Most I've written in a long time. Still kind of amazes me how tired it can make me.


Kendra 8:37 PM  

Good for you for pushing through! Writing is tiring. I'm impressed you have daily goals. I usually have a weekly word count and shoot for that. Glad you found Indy, what happened?

Joan Swan 10:01 PM  

:-) He ran around, got lost and tired and scared. Found a nice spot in someone's garage to catch some Z's. They called animal services. Animal services matched him to my lost report and the people who found him called. It was a beautiful moment!!

I'm still messing around with graphs and word count dealies. I find it helps me stay focused if I have a daily count. If I have a weekly count, I would leave the whole thing to the end of the week....procrastinator at heart. Trying to retrain myself. Not fun.


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