#1 Bestest Thing About Promo?

>> Friday, June 18, 2010


Yes, you heard me right. Giveaways.

Man, I loooooove giving things away. Always have. Ever since I was little. Love buying presents. Love giving presents. (Don't love wrapping presents.) Love planning surprise parties. Love making things for people: cakes, quilts, crafts...anything.

Love, love, loooooooove giving things away.

Have I made that clear yet?

Yes, well, now, I have a legitimate, tax-deductible, condonable reason to give things away! It's called: promotion.

My CP, Elisabeth Naughton, says there's something seriously wrong with me...but that's a topic for another post, or series of posts, or lifetime of posts, cause there's a lot wrong with me.

I'm in Hawaii on a family trip--no, not a vacation. As Elisabeth so aptly pointed out, when I am with my husband, two teenage daughters and one of my teenage daughter's best friends, I am on a family trip, not a vacation.

We were at an outdoor market and I found an artist who made some beautiful leather bookmarks and beaded book thongs that were well priced. I stood there for a long time, picking them up, turning them over and over in my hands, trying to figure out who I could buy them for. No one's birthday was coming up. No special occasions. No just becauses I could really think of. Of course, there are always giveaways, I thought. Sweeeeeet!!

So...just a hint...a couple things to remember....

1) I looooooooooove to give things away. 2) You just never know when the whim will strike! 3) I'll be giving away to those who hang with me (virtually, of course).

Facebook: joan@joanswan.com
Twitter: @ultraswan
This blog, of course.

See you 'round I hope. :-)


Trish 11:51 AM  

Whoot! Sounds like lots of fun. I'll be hanging round-- if I can post over here. I've been having a terrible time getting your blog to allow my comments.


Oh my gosh, you were in my neck of the woods! I hope my fair state treated you and your family well. (=
I'm with you on giving presents away. My hubs thought I was nuts when we first moved in together and he saw that I had a closet full of presents that I would buy (read: collect) ALL YEAR LONG. I love just getting something because it could be a great gift for someone. Birthdays, Christmas, Tuesday...doesn't matter the reason, I just love watching someone open a really great gift.
Sooo, I definitely don't think there is anything wrong with you because that would mean admitting there is something wrong with me too! (= hehe
I hope your summer is going well,
(= Nina

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