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>> Monday, June 07, 2010

Great News! I SOLD!

My fabulous agent, Paige Wheeler with Folio Lit, finalized a two-book deal with Kensington Brava for my paranormal romantic suspense novels.

This is my very first sale, and after writing seriously for seven years, to say I’m excited would be a supreme understatement.

To share that excitement, I am giving away seven $25 gift cards—2 @ Barnes & Noble, 2 @ Amazon, 2 @ Starbucks and 1 @ iTunes. Contest details will be out this afternoon, so check back! I'll be announcing the contest info on Facebook and Twitter as well as this blog, so be sure to join me:
Twitter: @ultraswan

Thanks for sharing & I hope you’ll continue to follow me on this journey and enjoy my work in print.


Kendra 1:10 PM  

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm thrilled for you!

Lexi 1:38 PM  

HUGE CONGRATS! I hope you have a GREAT time celebrating!

Jane 3:07 PM  

Congrats on the book deal, Joan.

Jamie D. 3:25 PM  

Woohoo! Yay! Yippee!! :-)

Many congrats!!

Joan Swan 3:33 PM  

Hey, Kendra...You're next!!

Lexi, Jane, Jamie...Thanks! So much more fun when I have you guys to share the excitement with!

s7anna 5:27 PM  

Congratulations on the wicked book deal Joan!!!

Ina 12:49 PM  

Congrats! that are fantastic news!!!! wish you all the best :)

MiaMarlowe 11:43 AM  

Hey Joan! I'm a new Brava author too, so welcome to the fold. Alicia is also my editor. Sounds like you have some great stories in store for us!

Joan Swan 10:27 PM  

Hi Mia! Congrats to you, too! Sounds like we'll be traveling this path together - YAY!!!

Joan Swan 10:28 PM  

Thanks Ina and s7anna! Appreciate you both stopping by to share in the excitement!

Trish 11:56 AM  


I've been trying to post a comment here since you sold, but for some reason I could never get the word box to come up.

Anyhoo-- this is late but heartfelt,

Congratulations!! Can't wait to see your name in print.

*Throwing confetti. Blowing noise-makers*

May the sales just keep coming from here on out.


I know this is way after the fact but there's no such thing as too much congrats, right? (; CONGRATS! I can't wait to read your books!!!

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