My Safe Place by Cassidy Swan

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How I wish I could have written at 14...
How I wish I could write now...

She threw this out to me on an IM.

My safe place, the place where all my stupid High School problems go away. 
It’s a gorgeous place for calming down after a dramatic day at school.
It’s out in the country a little ways, out where no one goes. It’s where I keep my best friend, my horse, Candace.

She has been there when no one else can console me.
When I ride her all my troubles go away; for a while, the world is perfect.
But when I jump off of her at the end of my ride, I fall to the ground where all my problems lie, just waiting to jump up and bite my ankles, a painful reminder of what is to come in the next day.


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