New Year's Giveaway: Last Day! with Stephanie Tyler

>> Monday, January 31, 2011

Stephanie Tyler and I are Twitter & Facebook buddies.  I met Stephanie through my CP, Elisabeth Naughton, and got to know her online.  After reading the first book in her romantic suspense trilogy, HARD TO HOLD, I was hooked.

Stephanie writes strong heroines, uber-hunky heroes and tight suspense. Nothing keeps me glued to the pages like that combination. YUM! 

Like Larissa Ione, Stephanie was generous enough to take time out of her crazy schedule to read and quote my debut novel, FEVER...but even before it was FEVER.

Something I learned along the pathway to publication was that I not only needed quotes from established authors to sell my book to readers off the stand, I needed quotes from established authors to sell my book to editors off my agent's query.

Stephanie spent her time reading and quoting the book even before I'd sold it.  Even before it was shopped.  My agent was thrilled with the quote and the book sold in a two book deal.  The editor who bought my book recently said in an email, "Our publisher is a big believer that [cover quotes] make a huge difference for a debut..."  Just one of the (less important) reasons I'm so grateful to have Stephanie as a friend!

Today, Stephanie has generously offered FIVE of her books up for giveaway -- and the winners get to choose which book they receive: any one of the five books in her romantic suspense trilogies including the three books from her Hard to Hold series: HARD TO HOLD, TO HOT TO HOLD, HOLD ON TIGHT and the two books from her Shadow Forces series: LIE WITH ME or PROMISES IN THE DARK.

How cool is that?

Stephanie also writes erotic romance with co-author Larissa Ione under the pseudonym Sydney Croft.

Up For Win Today:
YOUR CHOICE of any one of the five books listed above.

To enter:
Follow me on Twitter: @joanswan & send me a tweet with #newyear in the message. (Tweet Here)

Upcoming Releases:
  • TAKEN BY FIRE, her latest Sydney Croft release, June 2011
  • IN THE AIR TONIGHT, book 3 in the Shadow Force series under Stephanie Tyler, July 2011
  • NIGHT MOVES, book 4 in the Shadow Force series under Stephanie Tyler, September 2011
Works In Progress:
Stephanie is currently working on a NEW paranormal romantic suspense trilogy which will be published by NAL.

Contact Info:

A very big thanks to all of you who followed the contest this month and entered to win!  Another giganormous thank you to the authors who participated in the giveaway -- each one of you holds a special place of gratitude in my heart.

I hope those of you interested in writing and reading will come back and visit often.  I have some great stuff to share in the upcoming months!


Barbara 4:57 AM  

Thanks so much for hosting the contest and introducing me to some new (to me at least!) authors! It's been fun...and probably a wee bit detrimental to my wallet. Damn that Kindle one click buying!

Joan Swan 6:42 AM  

Oh, yes...the Kindle one click! Ahhhhhh!

The only think that saves me from the Kindle one click, it the Kindle Try It. I'm so dang picky, I try waaaaay more than I buy. :-)

Stephanie Tyler 7:01 AM  

I LOVED your book & I'm so excited to see it in print :):) Thanks for running these contests!

Stephanie Tyler 7:02 AM  

That is, I'm so excited to see it in print when it comes out - sorry - don't want readers to think they missed it!

Katrina W 7:59 AM  

:) Thanks for the great comp ! My piggy bank is already squeeling in protest !! Santa got me a sony e reader and its scary how quick I can buy a book now ;) love the sounds of all your books and will be adding them to my tbr pile ;) I personally love print !!!! I can huddle and admire and share the love easier !! but hey Im not complaining some authors are unable to print ;) so I also support that as well ;) I already follow you on facebook .. ** happy dance **

donnas 10:34 PM  

Ive been looking forward to reading Stephanies books since I first heard of her Hard to Hold series and the new one sounds just as good. Thanks for sharing!

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Susan 4:06 AM  

Hi Joan Thanks for shipping My book that I won on your twitter contest "Stolen Fury"Elisabeth Naughton so quickly;;Excited to read it,,I will not enter this Giveaway,,Must not be Greedy lol...Much Success...Susan ..Posting "Stolen Fury" on BN Romantic Reads...

Susan 4:08 AM  

Also Joan Loved The Swan Charm,,Will add it to my bracelet Susan

Joan Swan 7:01 AM  

Thanks Stephanie! That means a lot coming from such a fantastic storyteller!

Joan Swan 7:02 AM  

Hi Katrina,

Yes, I still love my print books. I'm sure I'll continue to buy both.

Joan Swan 7:02 AM  

Hi Donna,

They are fantastic! Truly!

Joan Swan 7:03 AM  

Glad you got it, Susan!


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