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>> Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I used to think pacing was all about action. Car chases, shootouts, hostage situation or, if we’re talking about a contemporary romance, it would be a personal crisis or business in immediate jeopardy.

Then I read the most recent Koontz novel What the Night Knows. And I realized that pacing isn’t about action, it’s all about presenting story questions then making your reader wait to discover the answer.



Sharon 3:50 PM  

Great visual representation of pacing, Joan. I've been using Karen Weisner's First Draft in Thirty Days to outline and track my story questions and answers. I love the way you've dissected Koontz's book. I'm reading a Harlan Coben book atm--very fast paced. I think I'll take it apart like you've done to get a good feel for how the master does it.
Very informative post! Thanks for explaining this so well.

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