FINGER LICKIN' DEAD -- Release Day & Giveaway!

>> Monday, June 06, 2011

If you're a writer and you're on Twitter, you probably already know Elizabeth Spann Craig. She is the guru of writing related articles, scouring over 2000 blogs for the best info and posting links to them to her nearly 10,000 followers.

In relation to my last post (where you can STILL comment to enter a giveaway for a Barnes & Noble card) Elizabeth knows how to build good karma.

On TWITTER she goes by @elizabethscraig.
On the WEB, her blog has been named Writer's Digest as one of the top 101 websites for authors.
And she writes under the psuedonym RILEY ADAMS.

I thoroughly enjoyed her first cozy released by Berkeley, DELICIOUS AND SUSPICIOUS, with its quirky characters, quick pace and twisting plot.  And I can't wait to get my copy of FINGER LICKIN' DEAD in the mail!

FINGER LICKIN' DEAD: When an anonymous food critic blasts several local restaurants—including Aunt Pat’s—Lulu Taylor and her customers are biting mad, especially when they learn that Eppie Currian is the pen name of their friend Evelyn’s cheating boyfriend. When “Eppie” gets his own fatal review, the list of suspects is longer than the list of specials at the best BBQ place in Memphis.

To celebrate Elizabeth's release, I'm giving away 5 copies of her book -- your choice of Kindle or print -- AND 5 handmade bookmarks I created especially for this book!

To enter for your chance to win a set of book and bookmark, just tell us here: What was the best mystery you've read lately?

(For an additional chance to win, tweet/RT the contest on twitter with #fingerlickindead in the message. I'll be keeping track and adding your name into the hat a second time.)

Thanks for playing! Good luck!


Sheree 12:01 AM  

Frankly, I've still mourning about Lilian Jackson Braun's death. No more The Cat Who... books! No more Koko or Yum Yum! :(

This means that my must-read list of mystery authors has been reduced to Nancy Atherton and Alexander McCall Smith. *sigh*

Valerie 6:40 AM  

I love cozy mysteries, so it's hard to choose. I think the best one I've read lately is Absolutely, Positively by Heather Webber. I love Lucy and the gang :)

I just received Delicious and Suspicious from the library and can't wait to get started on it.

Joan Swan 6:54 AM  

Sheree, How sad about Lilian. I'm guessing you've probably read everything she'd written.

In romance we recently lost a great author, Beverly Barton, and she will be missed.

As far as new mystery authors to read, you won't be disappointed with Elizabeth/Riley. She's very fun!

Joan Swan 6:56 AM  


Cozies are such fun, aren't they? You'll love D&S, I did. It was my first cozy and I was impressed. I'm a thriller, suspense, romance kid, but Elizabeth opened up that genare to me, and I can't wait to get FLG and crack it open!

L. j. Charles 10:22 AM  

My fave mystery lately? Hmmm. a difficult choice. I love the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear. And for a cozy, anything Heather Webber writes. She's fantastic.

Allison 12:29 PM  

My favorite mysteries are those by Sue Grafton, but I'm behind in my reading. The last one I read was S is for Silence.

Jane 1:44 PM  

I just read Agatha Christie's "Crooked House." I heard that they were making a movie about this book and I had to pick up this book.

sherie 2:22 PM  

I just finished Allison Brennan's Love Me to Death and Loved It! I am a huge mystery fan. I like Sue Grafton for the serious reads and Janet Evanovich for the good humor ones.

Joan Swan 5:07 PM  

L.J., Allison, Jane and Sherie,

We definitely share favorite mystery authors! Thanks for posting - will draw winners first thing tomorrow.

Tabitha Michelle 9:54 PM  

I have honestly never read a mystery, but I would love to start! I am mostly a romance junky.

mariska 12:57 AM  

The Best mystery, i love Karen White's books. She can blend, mystery, history, family and love in one amazing book. I read The Lost Hours lately and it's a GREAT book :)

i retweeted your tweet :) (@becunique)

marsbars 6:19 AM  

I just finished reading Death on Beacon Hill bu P.B.Ryan

Joan Swan 7:10 AM  

Hi Tabitha, I too started out as a romance junkie. Then I moved onto romance with mystery or suspense and was hooked. I now prefer thrillers with romantic elements. Isn't it funny how we grow and change? I love the way literature always has something to offer!

Joan Swan 7:11 AM  


Love Karen White and any combination of mystery family and love in a book. Thow in a man with a gun and a couple dead bodies (maybe a romance thread) and I'm golden! :)

Joan Swan 7:12 AM  

MarsBars, I've heard of PB Ryan, but never read. Will take a look! Thanks for the suggestion.

Linda McDonald 7:30 AM  

Hi Joan,
I just found you from Elisabeth Naughton's site. In fact, I'm a happy winner of one of your handmake bookmarks from her recent blog. :) Congrats on your new series. I too love romantic suspense and am looking forward to when your books come out. As for the last mystery I read, I read Karen Macinerary's Gray Whale Inn mystery series. They are a lot of fun. Great characters, great setting.

Joan Swan 9:23 AM  

Hi Linda,

Thanks for coming by. I haven't heard of Karen, but I will look her up.

Congrats on the win! Hope you enjoy the bookmarks (I think they're pretty, but I could be a tad partial.) :)

Joan Swan 9:30 AM just chose WINNERS!

#2 Valerie
#6 Sheri
#1 Sheree
#13 Rachel (from Twitter)
#4 Allison

Congrats! I will email you to get your addresses!

Joan Swan 5:34 PM  

Still need to hear from Allison and Sheri since there are no emails attached to your accounts.

Allison & Sheri, please email me to set up delivery of your book and bookmark by midnight 6/10.


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