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>> Monday, September 05, 2011

My critique partner, Elisabeth Naughton, releases the third book in her ETERNAL GAURDIAN series, TEMPTED, Tuesday and we're celebrating here on One Word At A Time all week long!!

Today, Wednesday and Friday I'll be posting fun interview questions (these are not your mama's interview questions). Elisabeth gives her answer, and I, as her CP for somewhere around 5 years now, give an answer from MY point of view. Outta be fun!

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, I'll be posting excerpts from TEMPTED.

EVERYDAY, I'll be giving away the 2 first books in the series, MARKED and ENTWINED, each with a matching handmade bookmark from those who comment that day.

Sunday, I'll choose one name from everyone who have commented during the week to WIN an ARC of TEMPTED with a matching bookmark!

Hope you'll come by everyday to learn a little more about Elisabeth and get a little sneak peak of TEMPTED.

Interview, Day One

Do You Like Going Window Shopping?
E: What’s the point if you aren’t going to buy anything? The older I get the less I enjoy shopping of any kind.
J for E: Window what? If it's in the window, it's destiny and meant to be in my closet.

Ever Been Addicted To A Game?
E: Solitaire. It’s the bane of my existence.
J for E: Literati--I kick Joan Swan's ass every damned game! She sucks! She rarely plays with me anymore. Can't figure out why.

Do You Have Any Undiscovered Or Hidden Talents?
E: I’m an amazing painter. Of walls. Stop laughing, it’s true. My walls are very pretty and I get compliments on them all the time.
J for E: I can hold down a pint of vodka like nobody's business and curse more in the first chapter of my manuscript than a drunk sailor on leave.

What is your favorite beverage?
E: Vodka
J for E: Hel-lo!

What is your weapon of choice for the Zombie Apocolypse?
E: Vodka
J for E: I rest my case.

First impression of your significant other.
E: Cute. And old. Why the hell is he talking to me? (I was a lowly freshman in college. He was a senior.)
J for E: Hot. I'm going to keep him around. He'd make good research material when I become a romance author and need those midnight snacks. No, not that kind of snack! Get your mind out of the gutter--you're crowding mine!

Favorite Midnight Snack?
E: Peanut butter on white bread.
J for E: Foster Freeze Blizzard, which the significant other (see above) runs out pick up for me.

Click for larger image....verah pretty!!
You know you want one! Enter now!!!

Your turn! Answer the question below to enter for 1 of today's 2 prizes:
1) A copy of MARKED and matching bookmark
2) A copy of ENTWINED and matching bookmark

Have you ever had a job where you had to wear a uniform?

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**MUST** leave a contact email to WIN


Gloria Richard 4:06 AM  

What a fun idea for an interview, Joan and Elisabeth.

Yes. I had a job where I had to wear a uniform. It was called Business Suits for women. Male clients in the South called us "skirts." Since it's past the statute of limitations (I hope) I confess I deducted the cost of pantyhose on my income tax returns under "uniforms." True story. Hope that comment doesn't garner me an orange "inmate" suit. ARGH!

FUN post. Can't wait for the sequels. Don't see a spot for email address. This may be a "duh" but I am immune to "duh" looks. I collect them now. So: gloria.r6254@yahoo.com.

Off now to share on FB. If Sherry Isaac drops by, shhh. I wasn't here. I am working, working, working....

Karen H,  8:08 AM  

You two need to go on tour! I would pay hard earned money to watch this interview live!
Yes, I've had to wear a uniform, but trust me it wasn't glamorous. I was a waitress in Palm Springs,CA, pantyhose, white shoes, white shirt, and maroon wrap-around polyester dress. I couldn't decide which was worse, summers in polyester in the desert or being a red-head covered in maroon(ugh), the things we do to avoid daycare!
I can't wait for the next installment of the interview.

claddagh64 at yahoo dot com

Blue Shedevil 8:38 AM  

I worked all through college as a vet tech and had to wear these ugly green scrubs. It did cut down on my clothing budget though. Thanks for the giveaway and I'm a Grey Goose girl, myself.

KarenDeBusk 9:38 AM  

Yes I worked at Burger King (many moons ago) when I was in high school!!!Yuck! Ugly dark blue pants and ugly maroon polyester shirt. It was so hot and sooooo ugly!!! And ladies as far as alcohol goes.......Tarantula does it for me!!!!!! Yummy!!!


Linda McDonald 10:08 AM  

For 8 years I worked as a community service officer for our local sheriff's department, so yep, wore the uniform for all those years. I loved it. No need to have to figure out what to wear for the day. And in the summer, we had the option of wearing the "shorts" uniform and I wore it every day. Getting to wear shorts at work almost made it seem like I wasn't at work...almost.

Cute interview! Congrats on the release on Tempted! I just recently read Marked and loved it.


Raonaid Luckwell 11:05 AM  

Glad to see you two are a riot on here as twitter. * Laughs *

No need to enter me for either Entwined or the ARC of Tempted since I have both signed (My unsigned copy of Entwined is going to a friend to tempt her to the dark side. Muahahaha)

Does McDonald's Uniform count? Urgh, I had to wear that for seven years

Sheree 11:32 AM  

*snort!* You too are hilarious! Can vodka be converted to be used in a flamethrower? I know it probably could be used in a Molotov cocktail.

As for uniforms, do lab coats count?

ironss [at] gmail [dot] com

Sherry Isaac 11:39 AM  

My first job ever, besides babysitting, was at McDonald's, and I felt like a real grown up in my white and lime green uniform. I waited tables at a truck stop one summer - ugly brown with goldenrod trim. Yuck. I still fill in at my chiropractor's office when his office manager goes on vacation, and that meant buying scrubs.

Bonus about wearing a uniform? I don't spend 20 minutes staring at my closet in the morning, clock ticking, while I decide what the heck to wear.

My uniform today? Comfy yoga pants and my fave AE t-shirt, bare feet an orange toenail polish. I love my job!

Sherry Isaac 11:41 AM  

Woop! sherry dot isaac @ yahoo dot com

I see you, Gloria!

Joan Swan 12:56 PM  

OMG, Gloria, I should have known you were a "skirt"!!! ROTFLMAO...NOT!!

Joan Swan 12:58 PM  

Karen, did you keep the maroon wrap-around polyester dress? It'll come back in style someday! You know you wanna wear it! You know you wanna!

Joan Swan 12:59 PM  

Blue...don't feel bad...I STILL wear those ugly scrubs!! :/

Joan Swan 1:01 PM  

Karen, Yes, that might be one of those...ick-ick-icky (to quote Garcia from Criminal Minds) memories. Oh, and I have so many, but they're from a hospital, not fast food. :/ Ack.

But seriously, what's up with polyester? Why don't they have people wearing cotton? I don't get it.

Joan Swan 1:03 PM  

Linda, I bet you looked CEUTE in those shorts, too!! :)

Joan Swan 1:05 PM  

Rachel and Sherry,

I knew I loved you guys for a reason! I'm a McDonald's "regular" - but only for breakfast...though I do love their fries. I even mention them in FEVER. :)

Since I'm such a regular, I've gotten to know all the employees and even befriended the manager (we facebook :)). Once she told me that when she opened her closet, it smelled like french fries.


Joan Swan 1:07 PM  

Sheree-lab coats count...and I'm sure Vodka is flameable. If you need that flamethrower, cocktail question answered, I'll ask my DH, the pyro...er, I mean, fireman.

Robin 1:24 PM  

Cute interview! Yes, I worked doing catering, had to wear the typical black and white.

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot)com

Jane 1:51 PM  

I wonder how it tastes when you wash down peanut butter with vodka. I've never had a job where I had to wear a uniform.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

MCDuncan 2:26 PM  

I currently have to wear a uniform to work--library name/logo shirt with pants. I try to avoid skirts in case I have to kneel or crawl along the lower shelves.

MelanieCDuncan at yahoo dot com

Book Savvy Babe 2:32 PM  

I had a job where I had to wear a uniform....I worked at a health club/gym in the snack shop and had to wear a really ugly uniform with the most unflattering polyester pants ever....never again.... Anyhow, thanks so much for the contest!
booksavvybabe at gmail dot com
Book Savvy Babe

Elisabeth Naughton 2:48 PM  

Sailors everywhere are screaming, "Even we don't swear as much as Elisabeth Naughton does in the first chapter of her manuscripts!"

Thankfully I have an editor who points this out. (Don't let Joan fool you...she never notices! She LIKES that I swear worse than a sailor!)

Raonaid Luckwell 3:07 PM  

Joan - That is one of the things I miss the most about working there: the regulars. I was a jack of all trades once upon a time there. I worked counter, grill, drive through, salads.

We had some really awesome regulars. Since I made certain they got their order the way they wanted sometimes they'd treat us with little goodies from their work. I remember getting a cup, pen, and candies.

But it's been ten years since I worked there. Managers still remember me. LOL. We are not going there the pranks pulled there.

Anne R 3:17 PM  

I have had a few jobs requiring uniforms. First, I was a lifeguard in college so a swimsuit was mandatory. I am a nurse, when I worked patient care, I was required to wear a nursing uniform aka shrubs. Gray interview & giveaway. Thanks!

Areeths @ new DOT rr DOT com


Ack the horrific memories of uniforms! I worked at a movie theatre and they had a gross neon turquoise 100% polyester aloha shirt with 100% polyester black pants that stuck to your skin. Man oh man, when I worked the popcorn machine, it was like burning in hell with popcorn kernels as bullets and butter as acid rain...and salt to make any burns excruciating. My shoes would stick to the ground all the way to the car and I'd have to take two showers just to get the grossness off when I got home. I still remember, it was all I could do not to snarl when a dang customer would press up against the glass and demand to get a bag right out of the popper instead of the dozens I'd filled and put under the warmer. =D
Heehee, good times.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Joan! And terrific interview! Though, my answer would be tequila... (;

Beth Yarnall 3:18 PM  

Yes. I worked at See's Candies to help put myself through beauty school. The giant black bow on what is essentially an old school nurse's uniform was tres sexy to my husband (then boyfriend). Who the heck knows why. Maybe because I smelled like chocolate? He looooves chocolate.

Victoria 3:30 PM  

I have never had to wear a uniform. That is unless you call pumps a uniform ;).

Michelle L Olson 3:33 PM  

Huh... Not a "uniform" per say, but I have been working in corporate American for over 15 years now, and when I first started out, the company I worked for was business-business, meaning women were required to wear a skirt and hose every day, and guys had to wear a button down shirt and a tie. I have so many suits, I don't know what to do with them. LOL.
Your bookmarks are INCREDIBLE!!

Anonymous,  3:35 PM  

That was a cool interview. In college I was in the lab a lot so I always had to be wearing a lab coat.


Kristin85 3:39 PM  

I had to wear white scrubs in beauty school. Does that count! Those book marks are awesome!!!


S. Benefield 3:59 PM  

I have worked in three places that required a uniform, all in high school. First, I worked at a local hotel restaurant, where we had to wear a white button down shirt with black slacks and black shoes and a black apron. Then, I worked at McDonald's and had to wear a Mickey D's shirt and black pants. Finally, I worked at another local restaurant and had to wear a burgundy polyester shirt with black pants. (Lots of black pants)

Now, I'm a teacher and pretty much wear what I want, from khakis and polos to slacks and blouses. Even jeans on Fridays. MUCH better than the black pants and uniform shirt days.

Fun interview by the way. Interesting to see the way the two of you see each other. :-)

marsbars 4:53 PM  

Fun interview...I worked at a caterers so the typical black and white uniform.

Joan Swan 5:20 PM  

Robin and Marsbars -- both catering uniform. I've never noticed black and white until you mentioned it. :)

Joan Swan 5:22 PM  


Peanut butter and vodka, huh? Well, there is a bacon flavored vodka (evidently). I saw it on Twitter, so it must be true.

And lucky you - no uniforms!

Joan Swan 5:26 PM  

Melanie--smart girl staying away from skirts...but the guys might like it. :)

Book Savvy--polyester in a gym? That is wrong on so many levels!

Joan Swan 5:27 PM  

Anne and Kristin--I'm with you -- scrubs!

Joan Swan 5:29 PM  


That is hilarious -- so wrong, but hilarious! You're making me sweat just reading that!

Joan Swan 5:33 PM  

Beth, That's sounding a little like it would fit into an erotic romance novel...or at least on heck of a hot scene. :)

Sounds like Victoria and Michelle are our corporate, dressy girls in the group (better you girls than us/me) :).

And all hail Benefield for being able to wear anything she wants now a days...you wore enough uniforms over the years to warrant "free dress". (Can you tell I went to catholic school?)

Julie 8:42 PM  

No, thank goodness. Most of my jobs have been pretty chill on the uniform front. Thanks for the fun interview!

julieguan AT gmail DOT com

Sheree 10:47 PM  

Oops, I just noticed a typo in my comment. I meant "you two are hilarious".

Also, does vodka burn hot enough for a flamthrower?

dpbussie 11:23 AM  

Yay! Never a uniform for me! Love this series. And great interview.


Joan Swan 12:21 PM  

WINNERS FOR DAY 1: (Chosen by Random.org)

MARKED: Lucky #7: Sheree
ENTWINED: #1 Gloria

More books/bookmarks all week! Keep commenting!

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