TEMPTED release week continues with Elisabeth Naughton

>> Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My critique partner, Elisabeth Naughton, released the third book in her ETERNAL GAURDIAN series, TEMPTED, yesterday and we're celebrating here on One Word At A Time all week long!!

Monday, today and Friday I'm posting fun interview questions (these are not your mama's interview questions). Elisabeth gives her answer, and I, as her CP for somewhere around 5 years now, give an answer from MY point of view. Outta be fun!

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, I'm posting excerpts from TEMPTED.

EVERYDAY, I'll be giving away the 2 first books in the series, MARKED and ENTWINED, each with a matching handmade bookmark from those who comment that day.

Sunday, I'll choose one name from everyone who have commented during the week to WIN an ARC of TEMPTED with a matching bookmark!

Hope you'll come by everyday to learn a little more about Elisabeth and get a little sneak peak of TEMPTED.

Interview, Day Two

Do You Have Any Weird Habits?
E: I twirl my hair. Never thought it was weird until I watched a special on schizophrenia. And the schizophrenic patients were all twirling their hair.
J for E: Torturing heroes to within an inch of their lives…oh, wait. That’s not weird. I’m a writer.
Having sex up against walls, on staircases, in the snow…oh, wait. That wasn’t me, those were my characters. Creating demons with features of a goat and a dog and the wickedest vampire fangs ever imagined…oh, wait…that’s the writer thing again.  Um, nope. No weird habits.

Are You A Touchy Feely Person?
E: Only with my 6 yr. old who is a very touchy-feely person. But generally, no. (My husband jokingly says I have no motherly instinct.)
J for E: That depends…are we talking friends? Family? The male cover models at RT?

Do You Like Eating Out At Restaurants?
E: Anytime I don’t have to cook, I enjoy it.
J for E: So does my family.

Are You A Window Person Or An Aisle Person?
E: AISLE. Dude, I’m claustrophobic. Xanax is my friend.
J for E: AISLE. Easier access to flight attendants to order more vodka. What? It comes in the cutest little bottles…

Are You A People's Person Or Do You Prefer Your Own Company?
E: Neither? I prefer the characters in my books.
J for E: And even they piss me off most of the time. What can I say? I’m a closet anti-social.

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Your turn! Answer the question below to enter for 1 of today's 2 prizes:
1) A copy of MARKED and matching bookmark
2) A copy of ENTWINED and matching bookmark

Have you ever made a prank phone call?

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Anonymous,  6:35 AM  

Yep, I have to admit I played a prank call and of all people on my Grandmother. I called and disguised my voice ( I thought I did :) ) and asked if her refrigerator was running which of course she answered yes and I responded with "you better catch" and hung up. I thought I was the funniest 7yr girl :)


Joan Swan 6:50 AM  

And she probably thought you were the cutest! :)

Proserpine 7:08 AM  

Yes I have when I was like 12 years old to impress some friends! Like calling at the grocery and ask the price of goat cheese... hmmmm what a 12 years old girl would do to make her friend laugh...


Karen H,  7:09 AM  

Crank calls were mandatory at sleepovers, it was much easier when I was a child, oh so long ago. No caller ID or *69, but it took forever with that darn rotary dial and God forbid you made a mistake!

claddagh64 at yahoo dot com

Victoria 8:15 AM  

I made one when I was about 10. I called this number and an older woman answered. I pretended I was crying because my goldfish jumped out of his bowl and I didn't know what to do. That woman was a Saint. So sweet. Felt so guilty I never did that again.


Julie 8:32 AM  

Nope, because I've been on the receiving end. Not fun

julieguan AT gmail DOT com

Linda McDonald 8:39 AM  

Yes, at sleepovers we would make crank phone calls...to friends who could not make it to the sleepover and to siblings of our friends.


Raonaid Luckwell 9:31 AM  

Prank call? One, and that was to the radio station to flirt with the DJ. Would that count as a prank call.

He asked me if they could record my voice and I was on the radio for that night going "Pump it up baby!" LOL

Joan Swan 9:33 AM  

Okay, those are FUNNY! Goldfish out of the bowl and goatcheese? Seriously?

Yes, the pranks were mandatory at our sleep overs as well. And didn't *69 and caller ID just RUIN ALL THE FUN??

Poor children now a days won't get to experience those fun times. (They think of all kinds of new ways to bug people.)

Sheree 11:01 AM  

I was in school! My friends were bored! I plead peer pressure! In my defense, I wasn't the one making the calls but my friends; I was there though so the most they can charge me with is accessory.

ironss [at] gmail [dot] com

Jane 11:19 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jane 11:22 AM  

No, I have never made a prank call. I used to hear them on the morning radio shows, but never tried it myself.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

chelleyreads 11:23 AM  

yeah. back in middle school my friends and i LOVE to prank call the boys we like.

chelleyreads AT gmail DOT com

Cheryl 11:36 AM  

Yes, but I'm relatively happy to say it was just in high school and it wasn't anything mean, just to a guy in our class during a slumber party.

Donna McCabe - donna.mccabe@rocketmail.com,  11:40 AM  

I have, but listening to my boys try and prank their grandparents is funny! They can't help but giggle throughout the call which IS a dead give way not to mention the grandparents have caller ID.

On the flip side, my parents 'crank' call my kids closer to Christmas pretending to be Santa. My youngest is still young enough to belive it. Good times!

Angela Wise 11:47 AM  

Yes but it backfired so spectacularly that I won't do it again. In college some of my friends were in ROTC and they are up early most days for PT/Drill/Whatever but there is something called "dead week" where they get to sleep in for finals. Well, my roommate and I got up to run early one morning during dead week and found reveille on a cd. We called them all up and played it really loud into their answering machines. I swear two years later (and some of them were SENIORS) we were STILL getting random Reveille phone calls at 5:30 am... Lesson Learned!!

Angela Wise 11:49 AM  



Joan Swan 12:24 PM  

OMG, you guys. Too funny! GREAT stories!

SiNn 1:12 PM  

a few times once I even pranked the operator to look up a totally made up name so much that i busted up as she was looking up the name shes all maam are you sure thats what you wnatme to look up i said absolutly then she found a name close to it so i called lol was hillariously funny because appernetly alot of ppl callthem becasue oftheir weird name

Modokker 1:20 PM  

yes as a kid our neighbors all the time. Fridgerator running joke and something about their toilet. Or you call and put the phone by the toilet and flush so that's all they hear lol

Lisa B

*yadkny* 2:21 PM  

Unfortunately, no I've never made a prank phone call. I've just seen them done in movies, but never got the guts to do one myself.


Elisabeth Naughton 2:31 PM  

I'm failing to see how making prank calls has anything to do with my interview! (Unless it's prank calls while drinking vodka...)

HILARIOUS answers! OMG...these are the best!!

Christina Madison 4:07 PM  

When I was staying at a friends house we made prank calls to McDonald's asking totally random and ridiculous questions. They were getting really annoyed with us. It was hilarious.


Beth Yarnall 5:40 PM  

I'm ashamed to say that yes, I have made prank calls. I'm no Bart Simpson though.
Oh, and I also twirl my hair. Everyone in my family twirls their hair, men & women. Both of my boys do it, my uncle, cousins, aunts, mother... just about everyone on my mom's side. No one's been hauled off by the men in white coats yet.

Elisabeth Naughton 7:00 PM  

LOL, Beth. Good to know. There's hope for me yet!

*said as I twist my hair*

Anne R 9:28 PM  

Yes, when I was a kid, I'm sure I made a prank call or too.

Areeths @ new DOT rr DOT com

Joan Swan 11:56 AM  

WINNERS, Day 3, Chosen by Random.org:

MARKED: Angela

Congrats! I sent you an email.

Everyone please come back through the end of the week! Lots more prizes to be had!

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