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>> Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My guest today, Linda Poitevin, is the author of a new urban fantasy series, The Grigori Legacy, from Ace Books. Book one, SINS OF THE ANGELS is now available! Book two, SINS OF THE SON, releases in May 2012.

The series looks fabulous and when I saw it on the shelves at Walmart on my regular travel stop to work, I couldn't resist picking up a couple copies for giveaway! So be sure to leave a comment or ask Linda a question to be entered to win!

A detective with a secret lineage. An undercover Hunter with a bullet-proof soul. And a world made to pay for the sins of an angel…

Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis answers to no one. Especially not to the new partner assigned to her in the middle of a gruesome serial killer case—a partner who is obstructive, irritatingly magnetic, and arrogant as hell.

Aramael is a Power—a hunter of the Fallen Angels. A millennium ago, he sentenced his own brother to eternal exile for crimes against humanity. Now his brother is back and wreaking murderous havoc in the mortal realm. To find him, Aramael must play second to a human police officer who wants nothing to do with him and whose very bloodline threatens both his mission and his soul.

Now, faced with a fallen angel hell-bent on triggering the apocalypse, Alex and Aramael have no choice but to join forces, because only together can they stop the end of days.

Linda, what’s your favorite thing about SINS OF THE ANGELS?
I love how Sins of the Angels speaks to readers in such different ways. It fascinates me that some consider it a paranormal romance while others focus on the police procedural/mystery aspect and hardly seem to notice the romantic element, or how some readers are drawn in by the mythology behind the story and others like the thriller aspect. I personally love books that cross the genre lines and so I’m thrilled that I seem to have created that kind of story myself.

What is your strategy in creating villains? Tell us about Caim, your villain.
I really tried to make Caim as fully three-dimensional as possible. To me, that meant delving deeply enough into his character that readers didn’t just know what his motivation was for his actions but also that they understood it—and could even feel sorry for him on some creepy level.

What do you love most about this book/series?
I love exploring the god/angel mythology (with my own twists!) in a real-world setting. I’ve tried to keep the reaction of Alex, my heroine, as real-to-life as possible when she finds out about the existence of angels—and of an actual Heaven and Hell. The challenge of doing so has really made me grow as a writer, I think, and growing is always good. :)

Does your novel have a theme? How did that come about?
Choices. I feel very strongly that every decision we make in our lives comes down to a personal choice we’ve made, whether or not we’re even aware that we’ve made it. In Sins of the Angels, I explore how those personal choices impact not just us, but the entire world…or in the book’s case, the universe.

How does your family view your writing career?
My husband and daughters are extremely supportive and very proud of me. Sometimes I think they’re even more excited about my publication than I am, lol.

How do you keep in touch with your readers?
I’m on both Twitter (@lindapoitevin) and Facebook ( at least once a day (and WAY more often when I’m procrastinating!), and I also have a blog through my website. I love, love, love to hear from readers and answer all comments…promise. :)

How would you best describe your books?
Supernatural thrillers.

What would you write if you could do write anything you wanted to write?
I may be the luckiest writer in the whole entire world, because I’m already writing it. :)

What are your current projects?
Sins of the Son, Book 2 of The Grigory Legacy, is currently at the typesetting/proofreading stage, so I’m waiting to get it back for a final read. In the meantime, I’ve started work on the third book in the series (currently unnamed, much to my great angst!).

Where can we find you online?
My website is at

Do You Believe That The Cup Is Half Empty Or Half Full?
Half full.

Are You An Introvert Or An Extrovert?
Definitely an introvert.

Are You A Window Person Or An Aisle Person?

Do You Like Short Or Long Hair On A Guy?

Ever Hit A Jackpot On A Slot Machine?
Sadly, no.

Which do you like more—rainy days or snowy days?
Depends on the temperature…and the season!

What is Your Favorite Beverage?
Coffee is my most necessary one, but apple wine is my favorite. :)

Are you a night or a morning person?
Morning…much to my husband’s great disgust.

Are You Usually Late, Early Or Right On Time?
On time. I’m an obsessive clock-watcher.

We're giving away 2 copies of SINS OF THE ANGELS today and 5 handmade bookmarks.
Just leave a comment or a question for Linda for a chance to win!
International giveaway!

Linda Poitevin was born and raised in B.C., Canada’s westernmost province. Growing up in an era when writing was “a nice hobby, dear, but what are you going to do for a living?”, Linda worked at a variety of secretarial jobs before applying to be a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Due to an error in measurement, however, she was turned down when she didn’t meet the height requirement of that time. Undeterred, Linda became a civilian member in the force and was a dispatcher for two and a half years, during which time she met her husband, a police officer.
Following their transfer to Ottawa, Linda went on to become a real estate agent and then a human resources consultant before starting a family. She has been a stay-at-home mom ever since and has homeschooled her youngest daughter for the last nine years. Now that she has realized writing can be more than a nice hobby, she continues to live her dream of being a cop vicariously through her characters.

Linda currently lives near Ottawa with her husband, three daughters, one very large husky/shepherd/Great Dane-cross dog, two cats, three rabbits, and a bearded dragon lizard. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found in her garden or walking her dog along the river or through the woods.

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Raonaid Luckwell 10:41 PM  

Mmm, yes, I absolutely love long hair on my men!

What is your favorite hair color on a man? I think black hair with crystalline blue eyes on a male is sexy. LOL.. Oh and redheads. Friends tell me I love a good redhead. LOL.

I've been eyeing this book. After Christmas I'm gonna have to pick it up.

CYP @ A Bookalicious Story 1:10 AM  

I recently saw this one on Goodreads and I'm intrigued! Would love to read it!:D

Dannyfiredragon 2:10 AM  

Sounds like a great story. Linda what is the difference between Urban Fantasy and paranormal romance?

Anonymous,  3:56 AM  

Raonaid, I've always loved dark hair on a man. Dated a redhead once for a week, but that was the only time...all others have been dark, including my husband. Interestingly, though, I'm finding gray to be rather sexy these days, too...a sign of my advancing maturity, lol? Thanks for stopping by! :)

Anonymous,  3:57 AM  

CYP, intrigued is good! :)

Anonymous,  4:04 AM  

Dannyfiredragon, the simplest explanation I've come across is that UF is paranormal romance without the happy-ever-after. I would add that UF also focuses more on the world-building aspects and may or may not have romantic elements at all (SINS OF THE ANGELS does). Hope that helps! :)

Jennifer 5:09 AM  

This sounds like a great book. I think that the God/Angel element is very fascinating and I would enjoy reading your interpretation of it through your character's eyes.

What is your writing schedule? Do you start writing in the morning or evening? Do you outline or just let the characters take you where they will?

Sharon 5:16 AM  

I think I prefer cross genre books. I enjoy so many different genres it is a treat to find them all in one book :) I found Seth's character intriguing and can't wait to see his story play out in the next book.

alainala 5:29 AM  

i gotta say.. ive seen my man with long hair.. and thank god he keeps it short! lol..

awesome contest, thanks for the chance to win! (and those are gorgeous bookmarks!!!)

alainala AT hotmail DOT ca

Deea 9:08 AM  

Great interview ladies!:) I can't wait to read Sins of the Angels, it seems to be my kind of book; I love books that cross the genre lines too.

And all this talk about men makes me wonder - how does Aramael look like? (I have a very vivid imagination and it only helps when I know beforehand how the characters look like:D ). Also, how did you come up with his name? I love it, it's very unique!

Thank you!

Amber Hughes 10:36 AM  

Great interview Joan & Linda! I love that this book crosses genres, because it covers all my favorites :-)

I follow Linda on Twitter and I definitely have her book on my TBR list!

Thanks so much for the giveaway and I love the handmade bookmarks! I have one of Joan's from her Fever book :)

Anonymous,  10:52 AM  

Hi, Jennifer. I do best if I can start writing first thing in the morning. Ideally when the coffee shop opens at 7 a.m. ;) Life hasn't been very cooperative in that aspect over the last few months, however, so I'm trying to be more flexible, lol. I don't plot on paper, but do a lot of scene-building in my head -- it looks like daydreaming to other people. ;) Even with most scenes mapped out, however, I still find the characters taking me in unexpected directions. Thanks for the great questions! :)

Anonymous,  10:54 AM  

Thanks, Sharon! Did you know that Seth was the reason SINS OF THE ANGELS became the start of a series? When he turned up in the book, he was such an extraordinarily strong character that I had to promise him his own book so he'd tone things down and cooperate, lol!

Anonymous,  10:56 AM  

When you put it that way, Alainala...yeah, I prefer mine with short hair, too, lol! And the bookmarks are beautiful, aren't they? Joan did a fabulous job on them! *sends hugs Joan's way*

Anonymous,  10:59 AM  

Deea, I had in mind a younger Hugh Jackman-type when I wrote Aramael. Does that help? ;) As for the name, it's actually the only angel name in the series that I've made up. It kind of just presented itself to me along with the character. Writing is like that sometimes... :)

Anonymous,  11:02 AM  

Hey, Amber! *waves* Thanks so much for stopping by...and for letting me know that SINS OF THE ANGELS is on your TBR list. I love hearing that! :)

Linda McDonald 11:25 AM  

Sounds great! I love the "choices" theme.

Linda Poitevin 3:23 PM  

Thanks, Linda! And thanks for stopping by to comment. :)

Gabbie 3:48 PM  

You like long hair on guys? How long are we talking about? My friend is obsessed with guys who have long hair and man noses (I don't even know what would classify as a man nose)and I can't help but think of a hippy guitar player.

Loving the sound of Sins of the Angels, it sounds just like my type of book.

AmyC ~ 4:34 PM  

sounds awesome!


Happy Lady 4:36 PM  

Sounds great! Would love a copy!

Linda Poitevin 5:28 PM  

Okay, Gabbie, you caught me. *ahem* I like some long hair on guys. Particularly ones who look like Adrian Paul as the Highlander. Is that better? ;)

Linda 7:37 PM  

I love the hero's name; how unusual & so lyrical! Series sounds so good! How many books will there be in total? I hope there won't be too many, I'd hate to be kept in suspense waiting for the next & next & next.... books!

Anonymous,  8:33 PM  


I can't wait to read this. I love books about angels, especially hot ones.

Reading 5:28 AM  

Thank you so much for making it international!! =D

Na,  10:58 AM  

It's great to discover a new Canadian author. I read a lot of paranormals but angels and demons are still new to me. I'll have to discover them soon :)

Linda Poitevin 7:18 AM  

Linda, there are four books planned in total. Book 2 releases on March 27th. :)

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