I'm Getting Sucked In

>> Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I can feel it. This new topic has snagged my attention like a shiny dime on blacktop.

Sexual Tension.

It's not because that's the topic of discussion over at RWKF this week. Sexual tension has been an interest since I read Roxanne St. Claire's book Dangerous Curves.

I read it because it was an entry in the Daphne Published Division contest and I was a judge. But I immediately noticed this author had a way with attraction and heat and sex. I was so intruigued that after I'd read it and judged it, I reread it for the specific purpose of figuring out just how she kept that spark so friggin' hot.

As I mentioned in my post on RWKF today, I'm taking a class in Sexual Tension with Mary Buckham. She's guiding us step by step through the stages of intimacy, explains how the elements relate back to evolution (which also illustrates why these stages are so powerful and meaningful in the sexual cycle) and showing examples in other authors work. The subtlety is amazing, the results awesome. Something I absolutely have to master.

I haven't been so fascinated with a subject since I took Empowering Character Emotions and The Deep EDITS System with Margie Lawson.

And everyone who knows me knows what happens when I get caught up in something new.

I'm in big trouble.

Are there subjects, either general or writing craft that grab your attention and don't let go until you've thoroughly explored and/or mastered them?


Elisa 4:33 AM  

When I find a topic I want to work on in my writing, I usually obsess about it. I read articles, I research online and I read authors' books and take notes. I then try to dissect my own writing and figure out how I can incorporate the new knowledge into it.

Sometimes I go a little overboard with this, though. :lol: I read too many articles, do a little too much research, and end up getting down about my own writing. So sometimes I have to make myself ease up a little bit or it kills the creativity.

Edie 8:24 AM  

I was like that with body language, but then realized it broke the writing flow to put in body language all the time. Or would that be reading flow? *g*

Other subjects outside of writing were life after life. Also positive thinking, visualizing, etc. It's now engrained in me to think positive, and I love it. Every once in a while, I'll pick up another book on the subject.

Joan Swan 9:18 PM  

Elisa -- that is eerily reminiscent. That is SOOOOOO me -- every part of what you said.

Edie -- I'm currently rereading a book on body language (and so much more) called Reading People. I bought it over a year ago and read it then to get a better handle on one of my characters who is a "people-reader", but as I reread it now in preparation to dive into revisions on this ms, I'm realizing it is an awesome tool for character development in general.

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