Thursday Thirteen

>> Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thirteen Things I'd Do More Often if I Had the Money the order I'd like to do them most.
(**things that take more time than money, but time I dont' have because I have to work)

1. Travel
2. Pampering (massage, facial, pedicure, etc.)
3. Charity work**
4. Entertain
5. Eat at nice restarants
6. Remodel
7. Landscape
8. Volunteer**
9. Craft (Knit, scrapbook, bead, etc.)
10. Excercise**
11. Write/Read**
12. Shop
13. Relax**

Other Thursday Thirteen Participants:

1. Spyscribbler

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spyscribbler 8:13 PM  

I agree! I think I want to do all that, plus build a personal library (with writing desk, of course) with two stories of book shelves.

And then I'd buy the books. And no, these books would not be shared. If I had the money, I'd buy extra books to donate to the public library.

If only. 177 million lottery tomorrow ... :-)

Happy TT!

spyscribbler 8:15 PM  

PS: Your website is awesome! Did you design it?

Joan Swan 9:14 PM  


I've got to start playing the lotto. I've said that a lot lately, but I really have to DO it!

Thank you! Yes, I designed it. :-) Only one of my many careers. My motto: Jack of all trades, master of none.

Elisabeth Naughton 5:24 PM  

Great list, J. I totally spaced the Thursday 13 this week!

Joan Swan 6:48 PM  

Evidently, this was the last one. I don't know what that means or why it might not continue. I'm waiting to see what happens next week.

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