Did you know...

>> Monday, May 14, 2007

... about Google alerts?

I just learned that you can input a keyword or combination of words and Google will email you when anything matching those keywords is posted on the www.

I tried it out using key phrases related to the ms I'm revising with phrases like: human smuggling Mexico and U.S. border security, and I've gotten some great hits.

Nothing better than having research delivered to your inbox.

Sometimes I love technology!


Edie 5:23 AM  

I know some published writers who are obsessed with their reviews who will probably put their name and their book title on Google alert. I'll probably do it too when my turn comes. *g*

Elisabeth Naughton 9:52 PM  

Oooh. Cool idea. I didn't know that!

(Says Elisabeth who is off to check out Google Alert...)

Laurie 8:03 PM  

Yeah, thanks for sharing! I'm off to sign up too.... :)

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