>> Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On Saturday I went to Walmart to exchange our propane tank so we could barbecue.

I put the empty tank in a basket and walked through the door and straight to the counter in the garden area which was about ten feet away.

The greeter, a man in his seventies with a long buzz cut that reminded me of Gomer Pyle's Sergeant, jumped up. "Oh, no, no, no. Wait right there. We can't have that in here."

I didn't get it. Have what in where? But I didn't get a chance to ask before he pulled the cart from my hands and wheeled it out the door. "No propane tanks in the store."

"But it's empty. I'm just exchanging it," I call to him on the way out.

"Doesn't matter."

He wasn't rude, just diligent. And I have to admit, his diligence was executed in a relatively polite way.

So I paid for my refill and went outside where the Sergeant is standing by the propane cage grinning a little sheepishly. "Sorry, 'bout that. But the Fire Marshall goes up a wall when he sees these inside the store."

I almost laughed. And I almost...almost said, "Actually, the Fire Marshall is sitting on his ass in front of the television developing remote-induced carpal tunnel, and I do about a dozen other things that would drive him up a wall before this propane incident."

(My husband is the county Fire Marshall)

But I didn't. I just thanked him, told him I understood and came home to tell my husband, who got a good laugh.


Elisabeth Naughton 3:37 PM  


Now if you were truly evil you'd send your husband back to the store, dressed in his Fire Marshall gear, and have him say to the old guy, "I had a report of propane tanks inside the store. Give me your Wal-Mart badge number so I can write you a citation."

Tee hee...

Laurie 8:01 PM  

ROFLMAO!!! As I just started working in our Wal*Mart Garden center (cashier), I can relate to our senior greeters who try too hard to get everything right. :) And we don't have badge numbers, although our first names are prominently displayed in case someone wants to complain about us (or once in awhile, write a nice comment for our boss).

Personally, I've never seen a propane tank in our store because we don't fill them, but I do get grief from customers over refilling Culligan water bottles. And people from outside Saskatchewan who don't realize they must pay a deposit on the bottle plus an "environmental" deposit because we don't recycle here.

Great story though! :)

Edie 7:03 AM  

LMAO If I was opening a store, I'd want that guy to work for me. Such diligence!

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