It's Taking Shape...And I'm Nervous

>> Thursday, May 31, 2007

No, not a wip. A group. A writing group. My very own. In person. Live.

I've been wanting to join one, but all the RWA chapters are two+ hours away. Add to that a meeting of only 2 hours long or ones that start at 8am or ones that charge $30 per meeting, and you can count me out.

I get lonely for other writers. I'm busy all day with kids, patients, friends. I'm rarely at a loss for company. But I do crave the companionship of fellow writers.

I love these words of wisdom from Judy Reeves:

Within our writing community we connect with others of our own tribe, which opens us and ignites our spirit.

In writing groups, we are with kindred spirits speaking a common language with a shared passion.

It just doesn't get any more "on target" than that.

Do you belong to a writer's group? Tell me about it, all of what you love, all of what you hate and everything in between -- I'm taking notes for mine. If you don't belong to one, describe your vision of the perfect group.


Elisa 3:47 PM  

Congrats on the group, Joan!

I don't belong to a writing group, but I have a couple of online writing buddies I chat with almost every day. Sometimes we critique for each other, but most of the time it's about support and general chatting about the market, what's hot and what editor or agent is looking for which type of manuscript.

I think I'd look for something similar in a live group--support and chat as well as critiques.

Joan Swan 4:00 PM  

Good point. I often worry that people won't want to come to the meetings if all we do is chat about writing, but if it's centered on a topic and we do a roundtable I think it would be good. I often put too much structure into groups and parties and meetings. I have to learn to hang back a little and let things just happen.

spyscribbler 1:32 PM  

$30 a meeting??? Wow! Our local RWA charges $25 a YEAR!

I love hanging out with other writers; it's a blast!

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