>> Monday, June 25, 2007

I've been scarce lately. No particular reason other than...life. I find that sometimes I'll have writing related thoughts and topics to discuss several times a day, and sometimes I won't have any decent things to write about for a week. Do your writing-related musings fluctuate?

Another reason I've been off-line is that it's summer, and that's always difficult for me--kids are out of school and involved in camps and other activities and DH is off fighting fires. Are your summers more difficult than the rest of your year or more relaxing?


Edie 1:36 PM  

Between writers conventions and family stuff, this is a really busy time for me. And right now my cat is purring next to me, demanding that I pet her. Hard to write and pet a cat at the same time.

Joan Swan 9:55 PM  

I haven't mastered that one yet either. I let my cat rest partially on my chest and wrap my arm over him and type. :-)

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