>> Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just put the final touches on Safe, thanks to Elisabeth and Linda combing throught the latest edits. (Thanks, girls! You're the best!)

The ms is off to my agent to see what she thinks...and we go from there.

As for what's next...I don't know. I'm playing a little with The Art of Danger--a completed manuscript that finalled in the 2007 case the final judges are interested in seeing more. But, in the event that doesn't happen, I will probably shelve Art and work on something else.

How do you decide what project to work on next?


Linda Winfree 4:37 AM  

I'm having to learn to work on more than one project simultaneously -- editing a contracted book while writing a new manuscript. It kinda works because I get to "pick" the WIP while the editing becomes the "have to" book.

Edie 5:26 AM  

Joan, congrats on finishing! I always love the feeling.

Normally I work on one book at a time, so choice is not a problem. But a couple weeks ago, I stopped writing my wip because I got some interest in another book that needs major revisions.

If I did have several choices, I'd probably go with the one that interested me most, the one that just thinking about it lit a fire inside me--or at least a glow. LOL

Joan Swan 10:08 AM  


That's an interesting idea. I haven't tried to work on simultaneous projects in years. For whatever reason, I picked up the habit of working on only one at a time...

Something to consider.

Joan Swan 10:09 AM  

Yes, Edie,

I'd love to feel that excitement for a story again. I like my past works -- some I love. I suppose I should work on something that makes me really **want** to write again.

Elisabeth Naughton 10:13 AM  

I don't know. I'm at that point in the wip where I'm feeling bogged down. I can see the end, I'm just still miles away from crossing the finish line. As a result I have a thousand other new book ideas and characters firing off in my brain trying to distract me (it's really irritating) and I'm trying to stay focused.

That said, last night I took out a finished MS I've been thinking about revising a big - nothing major, just requires time and some serious location changes - and wasted a whole evening. I love this book, love the characters, but because of the secret baby angle, I doubt it'll ever sell. *sgh* Don't know why I waste my time.

And congrats on getting SAFE out the door!!!

Elisa 2:59 AM  

Congrats, Joan!

I keep a list of books I either need to write or need to write, and when I finish one ms I move on to the next one on the list. They're in order of importance, so I generally try to stick to the order, but if I'm really excited about a particular one I change it up a bit.

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