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>> Monday, September 17, 2007

When I designed this blog, I used a template I found on the Internet and simply worked with the parameters to get a design as close to my website as possible.

Well, the template I was using was hosted on another site, by someone else. So, either they yanked the template or their site is down. blog has gone wonky. Guess it's back to the drawing board and that time sucker of blog design again.

Like I need one more thing to do. But, hey, maybe I'll come out with something even better this time around. Anyone have any time-saving suggestions?

Until then, hang in there with this bizarre layout...something new is on the horizon.


Edie 6:49 PM  

Joan, we use Word Press at Magical. They have some really nice free templates. Don't think you can use them on Blogger, lol. You'd have to ask Michelle.

She just walked me through putting up a wordmeter on my personal blog site today. I love it!

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