Why is it...?

>> Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why is it that when your muse decides to work, she works on other projects, not the WIP?


spyscribbler 8:35 PM  

You got a nice blog out of it ... I love the chocolate!

Elisabeth Naughton 9:35 AM  

Because she loves to frustrate you. ;) It's her goal to create total chaos.

Edie 6:51 PM  

Can't help you there. My muse usually sticks to one project at a time. It's all good. You've got some projects for the future. :)

Lexi 10:38 PM  

LOL! Very true, although I'm quite happy with all the ideas my muse is throwing at me when I should be working on the WIP.

Cindy 7:17 PM  

You have that problem too? I'm trying to get this project done and my muse gives me an idea for a series.

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