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>> Monday, October 22, 2007

So, in blog hopping, I found JA Konrath has a great blog up today about book signings. Whether or not you love them, hate them, do them, only dream of doing them or dread doing them...you should pop over and browse. Always appreciate his sense of humor -- but the other thing he did in this blog that I found immensely useful was the examples he provides. Anyone who's done a book signing can TELL you what you should do...JA SHOWS you.

I've started on my website redesign. HO-LY cow...that's a time sucker, but I do like it. Little edgier, little darker, little more compelling...IMHO anyway. Kinda goes with the voice I'm developing, or at least I think I'm developing. Don't run over there and check it out (yeah, right) because at the moment it's still for my eyes (and my hard drive) only.

And speaking of time suckers, E posted at RWKF about the major time-suck: volunteering.


Elisabeth Naughton 11:34 PM  

I love the new design! Can't wait to see the revamped website. ;)

Man, chapter stuff really is a time suck. But not as bad as synopses. ugh. I hate those.

spyscribbler 2:55 PM  

Oh, my, gosh, is it a time-sucker! I swear! I spent five hours last week, and then six hours this week, and the six hours' work unraveled not only the six hours, but the five hours last week! I'm back to square one with 11 hours wasted!

It doesn't seem like it takes long when you're doing it ...

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