>> Sunday, September 06, 2009

Whoo-wee are there a lot of new players out there in the field!

Just went back out to Agent Query for the first time since I made the rounds with SAFE, maybe a year ago (man, has it been that long? I'm pathetic), and only half the names were familiar to me. After doing this a number of times over the years, I know the agencies and the names.

And that's another thing that I've noticed -- not only new agents, but new agencies. I see where agents have split off from some agencies and gone into partnership with another to create their own agency. Some are just brand new to the romance game (or just brand new period).

So, now, after going through all 188 names of agents who represent romance, and culling through each to see if they are currently accepting queries, I will now have to research each one individually so I can cater to their individual desires...

Query only
Query and synopsis (1 page or 2 page or...)
First five pages (or 10 pages or 15 pages or...), 1 page synopsis, query...
First chapter (or two), 3 page synopsis, author bio...
First three chapters, 10 page synopsis, query, author biography, marketing plan...

And the variations on a theme go on, and on, and on...

I'd better get to Office Max and pick up a few ink cartridges...cause a lot of these guys still don't accept E-queries.


Elisabeth Naughton 2:03 PM  

FTF is going to find a home. I know it. It's SUCH an amazing book.

Good luck on the queries, and I'm so glad you're blogging again!

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