>> Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stupid story. It's jumping all over the friggin' place. Can't keep anything straight. I feel like grabbing my characters by the throat, shaking the jitters out of them and screaming, "Just tell me what the fuck happens already!!"

And on a happier note...a photo of the day...

Starfish in the tidepools at Montana de Oro, Los Osos


Elisabeth Naughton 1:21 PM  

Love the photo.

If your characters answer you, let me know how how you did that. I have the same problem. ;)

Theresa 2:23 PM  

Joan, its so great to see you posting on your blog again.

And I have to say, everything you are going through really resonates with me.

I kept wanting to scream-- my God! She's in my head!! She understands exactly how I feel!

Anyway, if I can find your email addy, I'll send something out so we can catch up.

But its great to see that you're throwing yourself out there again.


Joan Swan 9:30 PM  

Thanks, E. One of my favorites.

Hi, Theresa. Good to hear from you. I've been writing, just not keeping up with the blog. Now, I look at blogging as a way to get out my thoughts/feelings about the work in hopes it helps be get through those rough spots a bit easier.

How are things with you? My email is ultraswan @ hotmail . com

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