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>> Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yesterday was filled with driving and working. For whatever reason, I was exhausted...more than usual. So I listened to my body and went right to bed after work. Today, I felt much stronger and got 1700 words banged out. But, it's a transition.

You know, those in the middle of a chapter where you can't use a scene break or a chapter break, but you've got to get your characters through something or from one place to another while making it interesting or suspenseful... GAH.

Transitions are not my favorite. And it seems even love scenes are wearing on me. My CP and I are in agreement that we'd both rather write an action scene to a sex scene right now. Since we both write romance...that's a problem.

There's always genre jumping right? Maybe we'll switch over to mainstream or thriller or ....??
Or maybe we'll just tough it out and write the damned love scene.


Jamie D. 10:36 AM  

Transitions are *not* my friend. Ugh. I try to avoid them whenever possible, but when it's not, that's one of the things I struggle with the most.

Love scenes end up sounding the same to me after awhile, and that annoys me to. I do my best to make it sound "fresh", but there are only so many words...

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