Surprise Made My Day

>> Friday, April 30, 2010

So my partner in crime at work, Joanna, came in today and said she brought a book to work.

WHAT? was my first reaction. You see, Joanna is uber superstitious, plus she was on-call tonight, which is like a double-whammy. She believes that if you bring in reading material (among other things) the department will be his with a shit-load of patients and we'll be running our butts off all night, but that if you don't, it will be slow. Kind of like Murphy's law...kinda...sorta.

So she pulls my CP's latest release from her bag! *I* hadn't even gotten a copy yet!

She wouldn't let me take her picture with the book, so we put it on one of our ultrasound machines and took a pic.

Elisabeth says, "Theron is really getting around. Now he's in the hospital distracting the ultrasound techs."

MARKED at UCSF! Squeeeee!


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