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>> Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Patience. It's not my strongest attribute. But today has been one of those "patient paydays".

My youngest daughter hurt her ankle for the second time 7 months ago and has been suffering ever since. We've tried everything. Finally requested an MRI, which was denied, then appealed, then approved.

We got that MRI today.

My job at UCSF Medical center had been--supposedly--approved to transition from per diem to permanent in December, 2009.

Just got my confirmed offer letter today.

I entered the Daphne unpublished, or Daphne de Murier, contest back in March.

Heard today that I finalled in the Single Title Romantic Suspense and one of the final judges is an editor at MIRA, a house I'd love to write for.

My tarot year card (as well as one of my birth cards) is Temperance, as seen here. Temperance is all about cultivating patience.

Guess 2010 is definitely my patience testing ground. Happy it's a patience pay day today!


Nancy Naigle 12:44 PM  

Congratulations on your final in the Daphne. A prestigious contest and an awesome editor for your category!

Hugs and high 5s

Joan Swan 2:04 PM  

Thanks, Nancy! Yes, I'm excited for that editor to get ahold of my work.

Lexi 4:39 PM  

Sorry about your daughter's ankle, but congrats on the Daphne final! I'll definitely cheer for you at the Death By Chocolate party! I finaled in the Series category!

Joan Swan 5:15 PM  

Thanks and congrats, Lexi! See you at the chocolate party...wherever it may be... :-)

Joan Swan 5:15 PM  
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Edie Ramer 4:32 PM  

Congratulations, Joan! I'll keep my fingers that you get a request that leads to a sale. :)

Jane 12:45 PM  

Congrats on finaling in the Daphnes.

Mary G 7:57 PM  

Hi Joan
Just came here from Elisabeth Naughton's (one of my faves) blog. Congrats on the nom. Good luck to you. I'm always looking for new rom. susp. talent. Looking forward to reading your books

Joan Swan 9:02 PM  

Thanks, Mary! Elisabeth ROCKS!! I aspire!

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